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These indexes were created from images provided by the Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Archive Service. These images may be viewed in the searchrooms of the Archive Service only and not online.

In each case it is advisable to book space on a computer before you visit and contact details for all three offices can be found on the General Enquiries Archives page.

Staffordshire Record Office:All cemeteries
Stoke on Trent City Archives:Stoke-on-Trent City and Newcastle Borough cemeteries

The information recorded in the registers differ from cemetery to cemetery. No burial register entries will record the cause of death: this information is on the death certificate only. Some registers record a grave location, others simply provide a grave number.

The Archive Service's ACRE project to film cemetery registers was funded initially by the Heritage Lottery Fund and subsequently by the County Council and the Friends of the Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Archive Service. The filming was carried out by Worcester Record Office.

Cemetery Maps

The following expand on the above maps, adding block books. Hence these are much larger to download but they contain a lot more information.

Cemetery Maps and Block Books

Details of the years and cemeteries indexed can be found in the coverage page.

Last updated: 22/06/2023 to add 4 more maps with block books.
12/05/2023 to update two of the maps with block books.
27/04/2023 to add maps with block books
23/03/2023 to update Smallthorne and Trentham cemetery plans and add the Cheadle cemetery plan.
Update and add 5,954 for Smallthorne Years: 1879 to 1995
692 for Trentham Years: 1954 to 1995
8,229 for Cheadle Years: 1891 to 2014
03/09/2021 many corrections, mainly in Knutton, identifying many previously marked as Unknown
08/07/2021 to add 24,514 for Bradwell Crematorium: 1997 to 2020
25/06/2021 to update and add 38,400 for Bradwell Crematorium: 1965 to 1997
24/03/2021 for various updates and corrections.
22/10/2020 to update several of the cemetery plans and for data updates and corrections.
22/05/2020 to add 39,262 for Eccleshall Road Cemetery: 1856 to 2004.
20/01/2020 to add 1,707 for Knutton Years: 1888 to 2014.
8/01/2020 to replace the whole database with a new version that includes forenames.
Total records online: 531,266

The Kerb column in the list of results only relates to the index for Bradwell Crematorium and no other cemetery.
This system indicates the kerb used in the relevant block, row & plot, for burials of cremated remains at Bradwell crematorium.
This column is also used to indicate in some instances were a persons cremated remains were layed to rest other than Bradwell Crematorium, i.e. another Crematorium, cemetery, church or the person's favourite place.
The abbreviation (NVF) refers to Non-viable Fetus.